Work on or near banksides and channels of rivers and streams

Development that affects river banks and/or channels can be extremely difficult. Building so close to rivers has an inherent flood risk, making development inappropriate. The development may destabilise river banks either during or after construction. This can allow sediment into the river causing pollution and can change the speed and rate of water flow. This causes problems to wildlife and can also lead to flooding and erosion.

Many river banks are tree lined and so the applicant should also read the information regarding the protection of trees.

Rivers form natural wildlife corridors and development can create obstacles that are impassable to wildlife. Tree-lined rivers in the National Park are particularly important for the movement of otters and bats.

In all cases Natural Resources Wales will be consulted on planning applications. It may recommend to the National Park Authority that the application is refused or approved only subject to certain conditions if it judges there to be an adverse affect on water quality, flood risk or wildlife.  Development within 7 metres of the bank top may require Land Drainage Consent from Natural Resources Wales or your local authority.