Climate Change

Here in the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park, we will also need to adapt to climate change in the foreseeable future. Our upland areas will be particularly vulnerable, given the extremes of climate experienced here. Our natural environment is also vitally important to the future of farming and tourism in the National Park. There is also widespread acknowledgement of the important role that National Parks can play in helping Wales and the UK to adapt to climate change, for example as vehicles for promoting integrated responses to and assessment of climate change

During 2004, the National Park Ecologist has explored a wide range of information and evidence about climate change. A detailed overview of this information and the predicted and observed effects of climate change on the natural world – the biodiversity – in the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park has now been published in a Climate Change report (PDF document: 239k).

The report explains what climate change is, looks at national policies and comments on some of the issues raised (although these comments do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority).

If you do not have the free Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer, you can download it from Adobe’s web site).

What will happen to the National Park?

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