Protected species

It is important to identify whether protected species are present and whether they may be affected by your development proposals. Please see the checklist for guidance on which species may be present in particular habitats and when surveys are likely to be required.

More information on how protected species are considered in the planning process is contained in the Biodiversity and Development Supplementary Planning Guidance (Endorsed by NPA September 23rd 2016).

Natural Resources Wales provide guidance on surveys for European protected species and guidance on commissioning an ecological survey. A list of Ecological surveyors can also be found on the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) Members Directory.

It is still possible to undertake development where protected species are present, provided the developer has obtained a licence to do the work. Information on licences for protected species work is available on Natural Resources Wales’s website under UK protected species licensing and European protected species licensing.

Where protected species laws have been broken, the Police may investigate the matter to decide if a criminal offence has been committed. Read more about the work of Dyfed-Powys Police on wildlife crime.

Priority species

Please see the section on Biodiversity Action Plan priority habitats and species.