Filming in the Park

If you need a filming location to take your breath away, then look no further!

Never film on National Park land without permission.



The Bannau Brycheiniog National Park contains some of the most spectacular and diverse landscapes in Europe.

The National Park is home to Pen y Fan, with its distinctive red table top summit – the highest Old Red Sandstone summit in Britain – as well as some of the UK’s most spectacular waterfalls, caves and wooded gorges. The landscape is scattered with prehistoric monuments, Roman remains, and medieval castles.

They said….

  • A big thank you to your staff – the filming has gone like clockwork. The location was less than a half day’s drive from London, which was a huge advantage. Everyone we’ve met has been charming, the location was stunning and we would definitely come back again to film in the future”. Production manager, blockbuster motion picture, King Arthur).
  • “The Bannau Brycheiniog National Park is a hidden gem. It was a fantastic location for Stardust. Its dramatic landscape and sweeping views are perfect for filming, It was a pleasure to shoot there.” Matthew Vaughn – Producer and Director of Stardust.

Where are we?

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Expert advice

Save yourself countless hours of research and negotiation. Our expert area managers know the National Park well and are able to deal with all your practical location issues as well as offer advice, guidance and smooth out any problems.


If you want to film or take commercial photographs on land that is managed or owned by Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority please contact the National Park Authority via the Communications Team.  Fees for filming or taking commercial photographs are negotiated on an individual basis.  The fees below are indicative costs that can vary depending on the nature of the request, location, crew and cast size, environmental sensitivity and the amount of National Park Officer time it takes to set up your shoot. In some cases and depending on the location, a percentage of filming fees may be negotiated with the relevant Local Graziers’ Association and/or other landowners. Please note that ALL revenue earned by the National Park Authority from filming is reinvested into conservation projects in the National Park – normally in the location where you wish to film. Put simply, when choosing to film in the National Park, you are helping to secure its special qualities for future generations.

INDICATIVE FEES   Per day (exclusive of VAT)
Feature film/ Advertising/promotional film   from £3500 +
National Park staff time  £300 per day
Vehicle costs (inclusive of fuel)   from £100 + per day

All other filming/photography please contact   

The process

Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority welcomes the use of its land for filming and commercial photography.  We recognise the potential financial and promotional benefits for our communities, provided that the special qualities of the environment and protected landscape are not compromised. We do request, however, that privacy and peace of mind for those living, working or grazing the land is respected at all times.

At the initial enquiry stage we are not looking for exhaustive explanations but a general idea and indication of what is being proposed.  We have a strong knowledge of the local area and can assist you with location options, however if you already know the location you wish to film, and we do not own or manage it, we can help pass on the contact details of the landowner if required.  If the land you wish to film is owned by the National Park Authority we will ask you to fill in a Filming Application form.  We do recognise that some filming requests will come in with very little advance notice but it is important to give us as much lead time as possible as further consents may be required.  For example Operation Likely to Damage the Special Interest (OLDSI) consent from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) may be needed if filming takes place on or near a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) or a Special Area of Conservation (SAC).  You may also require planning consent from the National Park Authority if your set requires alteration to existing buildings, any temporary structures or your filming period goes beyond the 28 day Permitted Development rights.   The following link will open up the relevant Planning Guidance Note for Applicants.

The Communications Team can help put you in touch with the appropriate organisations and departments if required. Once an application has been submitted, the location and fee will be agreed with you and you will enter into the Filming Agreement with the Authority.  In relation to coverage of current news stories with short lead-in time, crews should contact the Communications Team to make the necessary arrangements

In the majority of cases, we will assign one of our Wardens to your production for part or all of the activity. The Warden is assigned to monitor the film crew’s activity, oversee any environmental issues, manage public access to rights of way and access land, inform other visitors about the special use activity, provide essential resource protection and health and safety information. Because we have to take a warden away from their usual work to do this we will ask production companies to pay for all costs associated with providing for a Warden on location.

Common Land, Graziers’ Associations and other landowners
The National Park Authority maintains a good working relationship with the local Graziers’ Associations and land owners located within the Park.   Any filming that takes place should try to avoid disruption of livestock and the natural environment. The National Park Authority will contact the relevant Grazier’s Associations, Community Council (if required) and other interested landowners before filming takes place and if required will help arrange relocation or shepherding of livestock for which they may make a separate charge.

Never film on National Park land without permission.