Have your final say on future development in the National Park

The 8-week consultation for the Deposit Plan starts today (Wednesday 3rd November 2010) and responses are invited before close of business on Wednesday 29th December 2010.  The consultation period gives the residents and communities a final chance to discuss and propose changes to the LDP which outlines all future development in the National Park.

The Deposit Plan marks an important stage in the production of the LDP, as it is at this point that the Authority sets out the strategy, planning policies and land allocations against which applications for planning permissions are assessed in the future.  As well as recognising the special and distinctive qualities of the National Park, the Deposit Plan lays down a strong blueprint strategy for the distribution of development which places environmental, economic and social sustainability at its heart.  The Plan also responds to the differences in local community circumstances in the Park and includes area specific policies relating to issues such as affordable housing and scale of growth.   Referred to as the ‘Spatial Strategy’ it proposes that future growth is:

• Located in areas which are supported by services and facilities,
• In areas where the community have identified a need for growth, and
• Where there is land available to accommodate development without impact on the special qualities of the National Park.

Tracy Nettleton, Head of Strategy, Policy and Heritage for Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority said:  “This is one of the most important documents we’ve ever produced for the National Park.  We are inviting everyone to make their final comments to the proposed plan because we want this document to be a fair representation of all our communities.  Not only does the Deposit Plan lay down the framework within which the outcome of planning applications can be decided with a sound degree of certainty but with their input now, future planning decisions can be reached with some assurance that the wider public interest has been consulted upon and fairly represented.

“The Deposit Plan is a substantial size so we have done our very best to lay the information out in an accessible and easy to read format.  We hope that this will make it easier for people to focus on the areas and communities that matter to them. So, the most important thing if that people use this final opportunity to give us their comments and views to the National Park Authority.”

The Deposit Plan is the product of six phases of consultation, taking various formats since the process first began in September 2007 and already includes the views of many residents, communities, developers and stakeholders across the National Park.

You can view and download copies of the Deposit LDP from the Authority’s website www.breconbeacons.org  or you can view our LDP at an interactive website at www.cartogold.co.uk/brecon/

Alternatively, paper copies of the Plan can be viewed at the Authority’s headquarters at Brecon, your local Tourist Information Centre, or your local library. Paper copies of the plan can be provided on request and at a cost of £35. 


Pictures:  Copyright of Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority


Any changes that are made to the Deposit Plan will submitted in the final plan for Independent Examination.  Any comments made on the plan will also be seen by the Independent Inspector who will conduct the Independent Examination on the Plan.  Anyone who makes comments on the plan can also request to attend the Examination and make their case to the Inspectorate.  This is also the last opportunity to submit land for consideration within the plan. Sites submitted in this way are known as “alternative sites”. For more information on submitting alternative sites please visit our website www.breconbeacons.org