Enforcement notices served at Gilestone Farm

The National Park Authority’s Planning Access and Rights of Way (PAROW) Committee resolved to take action at its 16th December meeting and agreed to serve a total of seven Enforcement Notices.

The National Park Authority also agreed to issue an Article 4 direction which, if approved by the Welsh Assembly, limits the activity that can take place at Gilestone Farm.  In summary, it would mean that no further rallies or funfairs can take place at the site unless the owners expressly apply for permission from the National Park Authority.  Other Enforcement Notices were served in relation to the storage of caravans, unlawful development and breach of condition in order to bring the site in line with the original conditions of its planning permission.

John Cook, Acting Chief Executive of Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority said:  “The site owners have been aware for a considerable time that some of their operations at Gilestone Farm are not authorised under their original planning conditions.

“There are issues of public safety that weigh heavily in favour of today’s action, including caravans sited in agricultural fields and worse still placed on the flood plain.  There have also been occasions where campers have been allowed to pitch their tents over high pressure gas mains.  These Notices are intended to ensure that such practices stop immediately.

“It is our duty to bring this matter to a conclusion and this is a step forward not only for the Park Authority but also for the benefit of everyone involved.”



The Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 gives exempt organizations the right to hold caravan rallies on agricultural land without seeking further planning permission – these are known as permitted development rights.  A Local Planning Authority can control these ‘permitted development rights’  by serving an Article Four Direction under the General Permitted Development Order 1995.  A decision to issue an Article 4 Direction does not come into force until it has been confirmed by the Welsh Assembly Government.