Key Stage 2 & Above – Residential Courses

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Course Curriculum area Description
Investigating Minibeasts Science Investigate at first hand minibeasts in different habitats.
Creatures from the Deep Science Investigate how different species adapt to their environment.
Mammals of the Wood Science Learn about woodland mammals and their place in the food chain.
Nature’s Night-hikers Science Experience the sounds and atmosphere of the countryside at night in a safe environment.
Story Sticks Art, Literacy Use natural materials to re-tell your story of a journey and create a souvenir to take home in the Native American tradition.
Tor-y-Foel Trek Geography, Science A 3 mile walk to the top of Tor-y-Foel
Historical Hunt Geography, History, PSHE Develop map and compass skills while searching for a buried message from the past.
Earth Walk Art, PSHE, Science Use all your senses to build a relationship in feeling and understanding of the natural world.
Waterfall Walk Geography, Science A full day course involving a minibus drive, then walk along the Nedd Fechan river to the Sgwd Gwladys waterfall.
Survival Challenge PSHE Half day or summer evening course teaching children about safety in upland areas with fun team building activities.
Investigating Rivers Geography Discover the importance of water in shaping the landscape through invetigation and discussion.
Farm Visit Science, Geography, Maths Visit a local hill farm managed sustainably under the Tir Gofal (Care of the Land) agricultural scheme where traditional farming techniques are used.
Early People’s Day History, Geography Experience aspects of the Celtic way of life in Wales and the effects of the Roman invasion.
Eco-Trail Geography, Science, maths, D&T, Citizenship, PSHE Develops the children’s awareness of their impact on the environment using a cross curricular approach.
Puzzles and Problems Geography, PSHE, Maths Children complete a trail in teams, solving problems and learning about sustainable development and the National Park along the way.

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