Key Stage 2 – Day Courses

Literacy and Numeracy feature highly in all of our courses.

Course Curriculum Description  Site
Investigating Minibeasts Science  Learn about the variety of life in woodland and water. CYNCP
Tall trees, habitats and food chains  Science  Learn about the trees in the country park and who makes their home in them. CYNCP
Landscapes and Landforms – Up and Under  Geography/Science Explore the main features and landforms that makeup the stunning landscape in the Country Park area. CYCNP
Landscapes and Landforms – Geological Time Trail Geography/Science  Hands-on activities to explore the creation and the future of our landscape. CYCNP
Survival in the National Park  Geography, Science, PSHE, Art, DT, history, Maths, PE. Team building exercises that introduce pupils to building shelters and how people gathered food and made tools in the distant past.  CYCNP
Map and Compass Skills  Geography, PSHE Develop orienteering skills within the Park while learning about sustainability and sustainable development.  CYCNP
Earth Walk Art, PSHE, Science Experience the richness and wonders of the natural word through all the senses and create art work using natural materials.  CYCNP
Investigating Rivers Geography  Investigate the source of the River Tawe, then follow its trail through the park to learn about erosion and deposition.  CYCNP
Welcome to the National Park Science, Geography, PSHE  An illustrated talk which introduces the concept of a National Park, the habitats, wildlife and land uses of this special place (up to 1 hour). Mountain Centre
Invaders and Settlers  History  An action-packed day looking at Stone age, Bronze age and Roman life in the Bannau Brycheiniog, including a hike to an Iron Age Fort.  Enact a battle scene between the Romans and Celts, experience daily life as Celts and finally enjoy a feast to celebrate the fruits of your labour! Mountain Centre
Unlock the Treasure of the National Park Science, Geography, PSHE Through our unique Treasure Chest learn about the amazing diversity of the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park.  Interactive, fun activities support the National Curriculum and reflect our commitment to nature and sustainable development for the future (2 hours). Mountain Centre
Discovery Walk Geography, History, Science Experience the spectacular central Beacons landscape through a short guided walk across moorland adjoining the Mountain Centre.  Find out about its wildlife, land use and history (up to 1 hour). Mountain Centre
Mountain Walk Geography, Science, PSHE A longer walk of up to 11km following footpaths, moorland and open hill.  Includes map reading and activities to learn about the land use and landscape of the National Park (4-6 hours). Mountain Centre
Map and Compass Skills Geography, PSHE Following a basic introductory lesson, develop map and compass skills and work as a team to overcome orienteering challenges.  (1 hour+) Mountain Centre
Sensational Experience  Art, PSHE, Science Take an exciting step into the natural world.  Enjoy a series of hands-on activities designed to engage the senses and imagination (45 mins). Mountain Centre
Sgwd Gwladys Waterfall Walk Geography, Science A full day course involving a 2.5 mile walk following the Nedd Fechan river to the Sgwd Gwladys waterfall.  Evidence of the geology and industrial history of the area can be seen along the river valley. Forest Fawr Geopark

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