Walking Festival Toolkit

After the festival

It’s best to wash up soon after the event – that way you’ll remember and be able to collect more detail. Resist the temptation to go away for a couple of weeks rest and deal with the wash-up right away.

Information for new and existing festivals

Take down any structures, signs and banners quickly after the end of the festival.  Leaving them up can annoy residents and doesn’t look good.

Walney Sunset Walk (Islands of Barrow Walking Festival)

Walney Sunset Walk (Islands of Barrow Walking Festival)

Make sure you thank everyone who was involved in making the festival work.

Let your advertisers, sponsors and other supporters know the results of the festival. If necessary, give them headline results straight after the festival, then send more details when you have had time to analyse visitor surveys and other information.

Hold a de-briefing session with your walk leaders and make sure that you ask your supporters how the festival was for them and for their suggestions on how you could improve things next time round.

Pay any suppliers quickly, that way they will be happy to work with you again.

Running a photo competition can help collect images and gain publicity (Crickhowell Walking Festival)

Running a photo competition can help collect images and gain publicity (Crickhowell Walking Festival)

Make sure you deal with any on-line feedback you have received as well, both on your own website and on others, especially Tripadviser.  If you collected feedback from participants, respond to any negative or positive comments – this will help build a relationship with your customers

Draw up a list of what went well and what didn’t and make a list of lessons that you can apply to next year’s event.  Make sure you use this feedback in planning for next time round


People to thank

  • Organising committee/team
  • Leaders
  • Advertisers
  • Sponsors
  • People who gave grants
  • Landowners
  • Other partners and supporters

Case study examples

Top tips

Try to use the same questions and answer options as other festivals and projects in your area – this way you can compare how you did against others.  Your destination management organisation or tourism partnership might be able to help with this.

Sources of further information

Evaluating events guide