Tourism Facts and Figures

Visitor Surveys.

What type of people visit the National Park?  What do they like to do when they’re here?  Where are they spending their money and would they recommend the area to friends and family?

When marketing your business, is it regional identity that’s important to visitors or are they looking for something completely different?

Get the edge and read this insightful survey commissioned in 2016/17 by the National Park Authority and learn how to market your business to make the Bannau Brycheiniog the new destination of choice.


STEAM (The Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Model) is derived from a model developed in the process of creating a ten-year tourism policy for the province of Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1981. It is based on real data but some is Powys wide, some regional (eg Southern Wales) and some is national.

STEAM approaches the measurement of tourism at the local level from the supply side, which has the benefit of immediacy and relative inexpensiveness.  Its strength is in the relative change between years rather than the absolute amount shown.  Read further notes for details of all the caveats.

STEAM Tourism Economic Assessment Model

An assessment of how the Park is doing economically.