Our Vision

Our aim and vision for the next twenty years are set out in a document which we call Future Directions.

Future Directions recognises the importance of the National Park’s designation – locally, nationally and internationally.  It brings the concept of sustainability to the front of our thinking.

Future Directions delivers our vision through the following three key areas:- Conservation and Enhancement; Promoting Understanding and Vibrant Sustainable Communities.

How do we deliver this vision?

We produce two very important documents which form the basis for all the work we do:-

  1. The National Park Management Plan
  2. The Annual Report and Improvement Plan

What is the difference between these documents?

The National Park Management Plan is a plan for the whole park area.  It contains actions not just for everyone working for the national park, but also for all of the partner organisations involved in managing the very special landscape of the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park.

The Annual Reports and Improvement Plans are plans for the National Park as an Authority.  They contain our Corporate Objectives and our Key Work Targets. They also include Performance Indicators which tell us how well we are doing in achieving our objectives and targets.

Translating the strategic vision into detailed plans and strategies.

The two documents above form the basis for all other detailed plans and strategies which we produce.