Thousands of pupils commit to climate action

Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority workshop leads to climate pledges

The Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority were thrilled to welcome over 100 schools from across Wales to their live Climate Action virtual lesson on February 11th.

Education Officers Eleri Thomas, Hayley Sharp and Youth Ambassador Dylan Matthews showcased how the National Park Authority, volunteers and partners are working towards becoming carbon zero by 2030. The team explained the concept of climate change, the value of peat restoration, tree planting and how renewable energy can help reduce our impact on our planet. While schools are already working towards Eco Schools and Healthy Schools programmes, the team were able to share real-life examples inspirational and poems.

During the session, the team suggested climate action pledges for the pupils to adopt or to plan actions of their own. The pledges included actions such as building homes wildlife, using less water, waster-free lunches and encouraging sustainable transport.

The workshop has already resulted in action. One teacher said, “My class has already worked out we have 8,000 small plastic milk bottles delivered to school each year. We are on it! Letter writing next week!”

That National Park Authority is passionately committed to bringing carbon literacy into education. Eleri Thomas, Education Officer, said, “Over 3,000 pupils taking took part in this session. We hope they realise that they are part of something quite exceptional. Together their small changes will make a big difference.”

The bilingual resources and virtual lesson are available to on the National Park Authority’s website