National Park improvements recognised in Auditor General’s Annual Report

The report, which praised many elements of the National Park Authority’s work, delivered some important recommendations on how Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority can continue to improve its services from April 2011 onwards.

The report concluded that the progress the Authority is achieving makes it well placed to deliver measureable improvements in future years.

The report highlighted positive improvements in the following areas including:

  1. Increasing the capacity of the Corporate Management Team (CMT)
  2. Delivering results-based accountability training to all staff and Members;
  3. The review of its Countryside and Land Management Directorate;
  4. Engaging more actively with key stakeholders and
  5. Developing a performance management and reporting framework which incorporates a requirement to be clear about impact.

These improvements, together with the improved arrangements the Authority has put in place over recent years, makes it well placed to deliver measurable improvements in future years.  The report also found that in spite of short term setbacks in some aspects of its planning services, the Authority is improving the way it looks after the Park and how it helps people to enjoy and understand the Park.

Mrs Julie James, Chairman for Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority said:
“We welcome the Wales Audit Office’s report that reflects the improvements
achieved by the Authority during the year to 31st March 2011.
The Authority has already implemented a number of additional improvements during the year from April 2011 and I would like to acknowledge the hard work of Members and staff at the Authority for their ongoing commitment towards improvement.”

A copy of the Annual Improvement Report for Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority can be accessed at this link:  Brecon
Beacons National Park Authority – Annual Improvement Report 2012