Bannau Brycheiniog launch Sustainable Design Guide

Produced by the three National Parks of Wales, the Sustainable Design Guide is one of the most important recent developments in planning. The Guide adopts the traditional principles of design which enable the construction of locally distinctive, resource efficient buildings that are inextricably linked with the landscape. Users of the guide will recognise the importance of selecting the site and the use of sustainable materials, but will also be inspired to design a new generation of contemporary, high quality buildings. 

Chris Morgan, Head of Planning Services for Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority says that the development of the new guide will benefit and inspire residents, architects, developers and builders in the Park. 

“To ensure our local communities get the most benefit from any new development it is vital that everyone is fully aware of the important role that the Sustainable Design Guide plays in the planning process.  It will be a valuable asset to ensure that all planning applications are assessed sustainably. 

“The Guide will be used by the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority’s planning officers to assess planning applications through a design statement provided with each planning application. It will form the basis for more specific advice to be incorporated in the forthcoming Local Development Plan.  From 1st October, the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority will expect applicants to use a design statement to demonstrate how their proposals have addressed the sustainability issues covered in this guidance.

“Sustainable design and good design are mutually reinforcing. Design quality is not just defined by how a building, space or place looks, but by how it functions, how it meets the social, economic and environmental needs of the people it serves, and how it can be managed and adapted to meet future needs.”

“The Guide is intended to help Planning Services address the problems that we face in the UK where we currently use more than half of all resources in construction.  It has been reported that nearly 45% of energy generated across the world is used to heat, light and ventilate our buildings, with a further 5% produced during their construction – so hopefully this guide will go a long way to counteract that in the future.”

The Guide is the result of a widespread consultation from local Park communities and partner organisations, along with agents and developers.

Chris Morgan added:  “We are very grateful for everyone’s input into the Guide which we hope has helped make this document of practical relevance to everyone building in the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park.  Everyone who uses the Guide plays a unique role in securing high quality sustainable development, vital to keeping our National Park an exceptional place to live, work and visit.”


Pictures:  Copyright of Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority


For a copy of the Sustainable Design Guide please visit our website link below.

This guide sets out:

•  The role of planning powers in relation to sustainable design and development.
•  The principles of sustainable design in the context of planning in the National Parks of Wales.
•  The sustainable aspects to be incorporated in any development at the planning application stage.

The guide is intended to be useful to anyone involved in development, be they owner, designer or local resident.

Bannau Brycheiniog National Park is a landscape that offers a legacy of unparalleled proportions with spectacular mountain ranges, internationally renowned geology, bountiful wildlife and diverse recreational opportunities. It contains some of the most spectacular and distinctive upland formations in southern Britain and covers an area of 1347 sq km (520 sq miles).