Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are the Authority’s posts advertised?

A. The Authority advertises all external posts through the Authority’s

website, local, national and specialist  Press as well as a wide range

of specialist websites and journals.

Q. How do I know if I am qualified for a particular vacancy?

A. A ‘Job Pack’ is produced with each advertised post and this contains a

‘Person Specification’ relevant to the post.  The ‘Person

Specification’ details all of the requirements deemed essential to

undertake the role. You must demonstrate how you meet every

requirement or you will reduce your chances of being considered for


Q. I have produced a comprehensive CV. Do I also need to fill in an

    Application Form

A.   The Authority requires you to you complete an Application Form. This

provides us with information on candidates in a consistent way which

is helpful during the short-listing and interview processes. More

importantly it also enables us to meet our statutory obligations to

monitor and report the gender, ethnic origin, etc, of candidates.

Q. Does the Authority accept speculative CVs?

A. Unfortunately, due to resource constraints the Authority is unable to

cross match all CVs with any vacancies that arise. Thus, we would

strongly recommend that you make regular visits to our website and

follow the application procedure for those roles which interest you.

Q. When will I know the outcome of my Application?

A. We’ll normally invite candidates for interview within two weeks of

the closing date for the receipt of applications. If you have not heard

from us by that date, you should assume you are unsuccessful on

this occasion.

Q. Can I claim interview expenses?

A. An expenses claim form will be sent to you on request.