Listed Buildings

What is a Listed Building and why are they

Listed Buildings are buildings of special architectural or historic interest that are of national importance.  When a building is Listed, this status
applies to its exterior façade, its interior features, any buildings within its
curtilage and any structure fixed or attached to the building.  For a building to be Listed it must be deemed important against particular criteria, including:

Its architectural interest – its architecture, design, layout, craftsmanship, materials and technologies used;

Its historical interest – its links to aspects of national history;

Its historical associations – its associations with important people or historical events;

Its group value– its association with other buildings and structures.

The older a building is the more likely it is to be listed.  All buildings that survive in anything like their original form and were constructed before 1700 are likely to qualify for Listed status.  Whereas, only those buildings of exceptional quality that date from between 1840 and 1914 are likely to be Listed.  However, any building of special architectural or historic interest, no matter what its age, can be considered for Listing.

Decisions about which building should be listed and the maintenance of the List of Buildings is a legal duty of the Welsh Government.  There are 3 grades of listed buildings:

Grade I:

These are buildings that are internationally important and are of exceptional architectural or historic interest.  Only 2% of all Listed Buildings in Wales are Grade I.

Grade II*:

These are buildings that are of more than special architectural or historic interest.  Only 7% of Listed Buildings in Wales are Grade II*.

Grade II:

These are nationally important buildings of special architectural or historic interest.  The vast majority of Listed Buildings in Wales are Grade II.

How are Listed Buildings Protected?

Listed Buildings are protected in law by the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, supplemented by guidance found in Welsh Office Circulars 61/96 and 1/98. Under this legislation Local Planning Authorities have a statutory duty to secure the conservation of Listed Buildings within their area through controlling works and repairs to Listed Buildings by means of the Listed Building Consent regime and through development control and planning permission.

Where can I find out more information?

You can find more information about Listed Buildings, the Listing process and Listed Building Consent by visiting the appropriate section of Cadw’s website.