Why use 1APP?

Current problems

The various planning application forms produced by Local Planning Authorities differ in the questions asked, the style and layout and also how many copies of an application form need to be submitted.

This creates difficulties for applicants, particularly planning professionals, who are forced to waste time and effort completing multiple applications to submit to different Local Planning Authorities. The lack of standardisation and confusion over individual requirements often lead to invalid submissions, which in turn creates an additional administration burden for the applicant and delays in processing the application.


By having a standard planning application form for all Local Planning Authorities, planning professionals and people making applications will find completing and submitting applications quicker and easier.

The online form will help to determine the planning consent required. This will significantly reduce the risk of an application being submitted on the incorrect form and therefore increases the chances of a valid application being submitted first time. This benefits both the applicant and the Local Planning Authority staff who process the application, ultimately resulting in a faster decision.

Planning professionals will be able to familiarise themselves with one form for all their applications which will (if they submit electronically) save all their standard information (address and contact details etc), cutting down the time it takes them to complete an application.

Applicants will benefit from clear, national guidance resulting in a more transparent planning system and will potentially save money through only having to submit one set of documents.

Detailed information about the planning system and the application process can be accessed on the Planning Portal.

Where to go for more information

For further information about 1APP please contact the Planning Portal service desk on 0117 372 8200 or by email at support@planningportal.gsi.gov.uk.