National Parks in Wales

You are about to learn a lot of facts and comparative information about Welsh National Parks. Are you ready for the challenge?

By opening the files below you will be introduced to three of the most beautiful and iconic areas in Wales; Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Bannau Brycheiniog National Park and Snowdonia National Park.

National Parks in Wales (5Mb)

You will find facts about the total area of the National Parks and information about their landscapes from the highest to the lowest point, from the length of their rivers to the land use within their boundaries. Read about species that are endangered within our National Parks and those that we’re conserving. Learn about the work of the people who live within the National Park boundaries and the impact of visitors on their lives. There’s also an opportunity for you to learn about how YOU can help us to look after these amazing protected areas for the future.

Of course, it’s one thing to read all the facts and compare the National Parks. How much do you think you will remember at the end of the day?

When you have looked at the pack test your knowledge of National Parks in Wales with our ‘Pairs’ Card Game.

pairs gameGraphic

Keep a copy of the file nearby to check that you’ve matched the cards correctly, or ask another member of your group/teacher to check that no one cheats.

To learn more about the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park follow this link.

To learn more about Snowdonia National Park follow this link.

To learn more about the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority follow this link.