Wetland species

The Aquatic Warbler is a rare migrant visitor, more usually seen along the coasts of southern England. In the National Park, it can sometimes be spotted along the margins of Llangorse Lake.

While the Reed Bunting has always been found on reedbeds, it has more recently spread to a variety of habitats and could be spotted anywhere in the Park. However, it is still most likely to be seen on the reedbeds around reservoirs and lakes, where it perches and flits between reeds and shrubs.

The Allis and Twaite Shads are members of the herring family and are among the rarest fish in the UK. They grows and live in shallow coastal waters and esturies but travel up river to spawning grounds often hundreds of miles upstream. The River Usk is one of the few remaining spawning rivers in the UK as it contains the gravel beds they need for spawning and the river is free of obstructions like dams and weirs that prevent the fish from travelling upstream. The eggs are released into the water where they settle and the adults will often die having spawned. Rivers in Wales are now the only place these fish spawn anywhere in the UK.

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