Exclusions and Restrictions to Access Land

The CROW Act allows landowners and agricultural tenants to close land or restrict access for up to 28 days in any year. However, these days must not be on bank holidays, Christmas Day, Good Friday and no more than four weekend days. No area of access land can be closed for more than 28 days without permission.

As well as the 28 days detailed above, landowners and agricultural tenants may apply to the National Park Authority (if the land is in the National Park) or CCW (for land outside the Park) for an order to prevent or restrict access to land. This may be necessary for various reasons, including to prevent a risk of fire in extreme weather conditions or for land management reasons.

How will the public know about restrictions to access land?

Information regarding exclusions and restrictions is published on the Natural Resources Wales website.  National Park Authorities and local authorities will ensure that the information is available locally at locations such as visitor information centres. It is also planned that signs will be put up at entrance points to access land.