The Aims of the Fund

Sustainability means ensuring that our values and the way we live ensure a good quality of life for us now and for future generations.

The Sustainable Development Fund supports projects in the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park which show what this looks like in action – projects which:

  • Deliver economic, environmental, community and cultural benefits
  • Have the support and involvement of local communities
  • Improve services, opportunities and access for all
  • Bring people together in partnerships to tackle problems
  • Involve and support local businesses and the local economy
  • Demonstrate innovation and best practice
  • Involve young people
  • Encourage use of the Welsh language
  • Offer opportunities for volunteering and skills development

All helping to generate greater understanding of sustainability and support positive behaviour change.

See the Case Studies section to get an idea of the wide-ranging projects we’ve supported.

If you have a project idea, it’s essential that you get in touch for an informal chat first of all. We are here to offer development advice and guidance and would love to hear from you! 

Please drop us a line at

If you would prefer to talk to us – give us a call on 01874 624437, and we’ll get back you as soon as we can.

Fund Officers:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Barbara Anglezarke
Thursday, Friday: Helen Roderick

Wellbeing Goals

The Sustainable Development Fund contributes to practical action and local delivery of the Wellbeing Goals set out in the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (2015):

  • A Prosperous Wales
  • A Resilient Wales
  • A More Equal Wales
  • A Healthier Wales
  • A Wales of More Cohesive Communities
  • A Wales of Thriving Culture and Thriving Welsh Language
  • A Globally Responsible World


What can the SDF Fund?

We are looking for proposals which:

  • Link with and deliver one or more of the Fund’s aims – we’ll ask you to explain how your project will do this
  • Link social, environmental, cultural and economic issues through community participation
  • Have the genuine support or involvement of communities within the Park
  • Treat the English and Welsh languages equally

SDF grants can contribute to the costs of:

  • Materials: e.g. tools, printing, contractors’ costs
  • Project Management: e.g. staff, activity leader costs
  • Project Development: e.g. starting partnerships, training, pre-project studies.

Grants can fund up to 50% of total eligible project costs.  This means that 50% of costs must be met from elsewhere, but the value of volunteer time and donations in kind can be counted as match funding.

Projects outside the Park boundary – although the Fund is focussed mainly on communities within the National Park, we can support projects in communities immediately outside Park boundaries to encourage closer links between those communities and the Park.

The SDF can’t support:

  • projects well outside the Park boundary
  • previously funded projects with no clear exit strategy within a reasonable timeframe
  • activities or projects which exclude certain groups of people without clear reason
  • activities which are the statutory responsibility of public sector bodies
  • activities which are exclusively party political or religious
  • past expenditure / costs incurred for activities that have already taken place
  • VAT that can be recovered